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    Melon de Bourgogne -- In the Literature

    Whenever I spot an article mentioning Melon de Bourgogne, I will try to add it here. Bear in mind that these articles may not necessarily be exclusively about American Melons, but instead may include those from around the world.

    • Wall Street Journal, Wine Notes -- An Underrated Great White (must be paid subscriber to access article)
      Dorthey Gaiter & John Brecher, 10-Jun-2005; Discusses (exclusively) French Muscadets. Closing line:
           Readers often tell us that they'd like to find a really good wine for less than $10. This is it.
    • Wall Street Journal, Wine Notes -- Tastings: Wines for a Summer Night (must be paid subscriber to access article)
      Dorothy Gaiter & John Brecher, 03-Aug-2001; I have not read the article, but the intro contains the line:
           Our favorites, along with Sancerre, are Muscadet and Vouvray, for their combination of great taste, good value and fairly wide availablity.

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